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Almost all the body’s functions and their interactions are controlled and regulated by various immune system cells and their signaling molecules. The objective of this clinical research field is to understand this interplay and balance and how it is affected by age and disease, to make this knowledge diagnostically useful, and to translate it into therapeutic concepts. This requires an interdisciplinary approach to basic research and the comprehensive use of modern technologies to understand the function of immune cells in the context of inflammation and matrix changes related to age and tumors, as well as in interaction with different biomaterials.

We also develop immunological tools for the Center’s other research fields, including cell analysis and cell sorting methods, as well as biomarkers for immune monitoring in regenerative therapies.

Our research field has given rise to: The Flow & Mass Cytometry Core Facility, the Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BeCAT), the Si-M research building, the Immunocheck/Biomarkers lab and CheckImmune GmbH.


  • To develop immunological tools for the other BIH/BCRT research fields at Charité