Regenerative Therapies

The Berlin Centre for Regenerative Therapies has established a translational model in a long and successful preparatory phase. In many respects it represents a blueprint for the BIH concept and represents almost the entire translational value chain. It is particularly characterised by the fact that there is a translation-promoting environment at all stages of this chain and that very close interactions with the relevant clinics and clinicians* have been established for the topics dealt with.

The translational objective represented by the BCRT aims to supplement or replace forms of therapy that aim to delay the progression of chronic diseases with concepts that allow the restoration of organ functions. Cell-based therapies play a central role here. There are numerous synergies and complementarities between the components of BCRT and other BIH institutions, such as innovation drivers and clusters.

The topicality and quality of the regenerative concept is demonstrated by the fact that two PIs from the BCRT Steering Committee (Prof. Volk, Prof. Reinke) are in charge of one of the two applications still in the EU flagship process in the field of life science: RESTORE.