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The development of the structures of the translational ecosystem has strongly influenced the first years of the BIH. In the last two years, this ecosystem has been increasingly used and further developed by selected use cases. BIH's systems medicine approach requires the implementation of the concept in cross-cutting fields of application, the so-called focus areas

These focus areas must in addition to their cross-disciplinary character:

  • have translation relevance
  • demonstrate synergies with other BIH initiatives
  • be implemented in BIH at an excellent level and with unique selling propositions
  • have a high potential for relevant, visible success.

Over the past two years, focus areas have been identified, planned and established through decisions by the Management Board and Supervisory Board in intensive discussions. These are the Regenerative Therapies focus area in the Advanced Therapies program, the Vascular Biomedicine focus area in the Personalized Therapies program, and the focus area Single Cell Technologies for personalized medicine. In addition, an Excellence Fund was established. These focus areas use different structures and elements of the BIH's translational value chain.


  • Single Cell Approaches

    Single cell technologies for personalized medicine are a research focus of the BIH, the Charité and the Max Delbrück Center (MDC).

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  • Regeneration

    The BCRT was established as an interdisciplinary translational center with the goal of enhancing endogenous regeneration by cells, biomaterials, and factors.

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