Research platform: Digital Medicine

Digitization is transforming research and healthcare. The introduction of electronic health records and digital clinical information systems has helped to revolutionize the quality of healthcare in countries such as the United States. Linking clinical data with information from insurers on people’s fitness and even about their genes allows clinicians to make informed decisions in real time, and enhances the development of personalized medicine. Germany, especially, has much to gain in this area.

BIH’s Digital Medicine Platform therefore plans to combine its ongoing work in this area and that of partner institutes to improve data use in research and clinical practice.
We will do this by establishing a Digital Health Center and provide a hub for the Digital Medicine Platform, focused on key areas such as health informatics, artificial intelligence and big data. Its activities will include, for example, developing IT infrastructure, big data analytical tools and mobile healthcare apps.
The platform will support all the initiatives within BIH’s translational research commons and be directed by two BIH chairs and five professorships by 2026. Its aim is to help connect sources of health data in Germany and ultimately establish a leading digital medicine center in Berlin.