BIH Visiting Professors

Attracting renowned scientists is of special importance to the BIH. With their respective background of experience and their new ideas, they can give important impulses to creating the shared research area of Charité and MDC, and they make a considerable contribution to putting translational and systems medicine research, the guiding notion of BIH, into practice. Stiftung Charité is already offering a wide range of funding programs to attract scientists from abroad to BIH. BIH Visiting Professors are visiting scientists from abroad or from Germany recruited for activities at BIH.


Funding 2018

Prof. Dr. Hans Lehrach, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Host: Dr. Rolf Zettl (Berlin Institute of Health), Research project: "DIGITWINS: Digital Twins for Better Health"

Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrand, Universität Leipzig, Host: Prof. Dr. Axel Radlach Pries (Charité), Research project: "Viewing and sharing time resolved motions of G protein coupled receptors on the web"

Prof. Dr. Guiseppe Macino, La Sapienza University of Rome (Italien), Host: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky (Berlin Institute for Medical Systemy Biology, MDC), Research project: "Single Cell Genetics and Epigenetics of Patient Derived Tumor and Brain Organoids"

Prof. Dr. Konrad Reinhart, Universitäts-klinikum Jena, Host: Prof. Dr. Claudia Spies (Charité), Research project: "Konzeptentwicklung und Anbahnung eines Comprehensive Sepsis Centers an der Charité"
Prof. Dr. Heiko Becher, Universitäts klinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Host: Prof. Dr. Geraldine Rauch, Research project: "eSTablishing clinical EPidemiology as a key competence for fUture research Projects (STEP UP)"

Funding 2017

Prof. Dr. Hans Lehrach, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics Berlin, Host: Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger (Berlin Institute of Health), Research project: “The Future of Healthcare"

Prof. Dr. Peter Van Endert, Université Paris Descartes, France, Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Kloetzel (Institute of Biochemistry, Charité), Research project: “Optimising MHC Class I (Cross-)Presentation to promote tumor rejection by CD8+ T Cells"

Prof. Dr. Lu Chen, Stanford University, USA, Host: Prof. Dr. Christian Rosenmund (Institute of Neurophysiology, Charité), Research project: “How do plastic changes at synapses in a circuit enable learning, encode memory, and drive behavior?"

Prof. Dr. Robert Frigg, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, Host: Dr. Rolf Zettl (Berlin Institute of Health), Research project: “Förderung von Medizintechnischen Lösungen und deren Translation in Medizinprodukte"

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, Hochschule Niederrhein, Gastgeber: Axel Radlach Pries (Charité), Forschungsprojekt: “Einrichtung einer eHealth und Interoperability Core Unit"

Funding 2016

Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer, Medical Faculty at the University of Heidelberg and DKFZ, Host: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmitz (Charité), Research project: “Inhibition in the context of cortical columnar organization"

Prof. Dr. Steffen Gay, University Hospital Zurich, Host: Prof. Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester (Charité), Research project: “Development of Novel Biomarkers for the Detection of Response to anti-rheumatic drugs"

Dr. Michael Potente, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Host: Prof. Dr. Holger Gerhardt (Max-Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine), Research project: “Mechanisms of vessel size regulation - role of YAP/TAZ signaling"