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Berlin Institute of Health supports cooperative, interdisciplinary projects carried out by basic scientists and clinicians at Charité and MDC. A prerequisite for funding is a systems medicine approach with clear translational orientation. Scientists and clinicians involved in such projects study complex mechanisms in the body and convert the knowledge gained through this research into clinical practice. At the same time their clinical observations and findings offer new approaches to basic research. So far, two funding instruments have been implemented to this end: Collaborative Research Grants (CRGs) and Twinning Research Grants (TRGs)

CRGs support long-term cooperative projects of an interdisciplinary nature. Up to eight subprojects per grant are supported. Funding for CRGs is typically granted for four years.

TRGs support smaller cooperative translational projects showing particularly innovative and explorative promise. Funding for TRGs is granted for two to three years and is aimed at early-career scientists and clinicans. TRGs usually consist of two subprojects.