The QUEST Center plans several activities regarding the topic Incentives & rewards. We will develop new incentive systems in research, e.g. by selecting appropriate novel indicators and metrics for the assessment of research performance of researchers and institutions. We assist in the implementation and evaluation of these novel systems. We will support the implementation and evaluation of these systems. 

QUEST Prizes

In line with the recommendations from the Lancet REWARD (REduce research Waste And Reward Diligence) campaign to improve research quality (see also The Lancet series "Increasing value: reducing waste"), the QUEST offers several awards.

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A qualitative study on the basis of expert interviews

In response to what has been called the “reproducibility crisis”, institutions and granting agencies have begun to implement changes in how biomedical research activity is rewarded and funded. The aim of the present project is to gain a better understanding of how different stakeholders view these ongoing reforms.

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QUEST criteria - Attributes of robust and innovative research

The so-called QUEST criteria relate to quality, ethics, open science and translation of biomedical research at BIH. The goal is to map the robustness, reproducibility and confirmability of research projects and hence to best possible stimulate the existing potential for innovation.

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QUEST publication record (PURE)

The aim is to create a comprehensive and continuously updated publication body of publications from the joint research area Charité, MDC and BIH.

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