Post Grant Fund of the BMBF

Funding of Open Access publications from completed BMBF-funded projects

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) offers a further funding option for Open Access publications from completed BMBF-funded projects. The so-called post-grant fund covers the costs of publications up to three years after the end of a BMBF funding project.

Scientific articles (journal publications) from projects funded by the BMBF should be published in such a way that they are freely accessible on the Internet either immediately upon publication or after a maximum period of twelve months. Additional publication costs may be incurred for this.


The following are entitled to apply for or receive funding:

  • Grant recipients of projects funded by the BMBF that are planning an Open Access publication and are not commercial enterprises, and
  • Private individuals who were employed by recipients of BMBF-funded projects and who are planning an Open Access publication.

Eligibility requirements

Funding is only available for Open Access publications of research results from a project funded by the BMBF.

Prerequisites for the grant are,

  • that the funding period of the BMBF-funded project ended no more than three years ago (the date of application is decisive for the three-year period),
  • that the content of the Open Access publication can be traced back to the project funded by the BMBF,
  • that a binding offer is submitted for publication, but no contract has yet been concluded,
  • that the publication expenditures are not or cannot be financed by other institutions or sponsors.

Type and scope, amount of funding

Up to an amount of 2,000 euros (net) per publication, full funding is provided for publication expenses (project funding for fixed-amount financing). If publication costs exceed 2,000.00 euros (net), an additional 20 % of the additional amount will be funded. The maximum funding amount per publication is 2,400 euros (net).

Further information

For further information and details, please refer to the announcement of the BMBF (in German).

Special features for members of the Charité

As of 2018, the Charité has a DFG-funded publication fund that is administered by the medical library of the Charité. If the eligibility requirements are met, publication fees can be paid if they do not exceed a total of 2,000 euros per article including VAT.

This means that the Post Grant Fund of the BMBF is only eligible for application in cases where publication fees exceed 2,000 euros including VAT.


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