TrackValue - Tracking and Improving Value Indicators

Increasing concerns relating to the validity, reproducibility and relevance of experimental studies threaten to undermine the value of biomedical research. TrackValue aims to improve biomedical studies at the Charité by developing relevant value indicators, assessing Charité’s performance on these indicators and giving feedback to individual researchers.

In the first part of the project value indicators for 1) robustness (e.g. randomization and blinding), 2) reproducibility (e.g. pre-registration), 3) patient relevance (e.g. patient engagement in study design), and 4) reporting (e.g. results reporting within two years after study completion) are developed or existing indicators are refined.

The second part of the project assesses how pre-clinical and clinical studies published over the past 10 years at Charité perform against these value indicators. The results of this evaluation are expected to inform the development of QUEST trainings and guidelines as well as the Charité/BIH Clinical Scientist Program.

In the third part of the project, the results are used to provide feedback to researchers at Charité. Additionally, researchers will receive hands-on guidance including technical instructions, best practice examples, and contact information for further support through QUEST. TrackValue therefore not only aims to raise awareness of quality criteria in biomedical research, but to equip researchers at Charité with the necessary tools to improve the robustness, reproducibility, patient relevance and reporting of future biomedical studies.

This research is funded by the Wellcome Trust in the framework of the Charité/BIH Translational Partnership.