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Our goal is to discover how human immune cells migrate into tissues, how they are regulated locally and release their effector mechanisms. To analyze these events, we use and develop advanced in vitro models that recapitulate the complex in vivo network of cells, soluble factors and extracellular matrix.

Specifically, we focus on:

·        Microphysiological and microfluidic organ-on-a-chip systems

·        T cell migration, residency and adaptation to the tissue microenvironment

·        Advanced 2D and 3D cell culture models for the preclinical testing of cellular ATMPs


Complete publication list

Impact of tissue injury factors on the local maintenance of tissue-resident T cells:

Characterization of resident T cells in human lung and lung tumors:

Transcriptional regulation for the generation of resident immune cells in tissues and their reactivation:


Stefania Martini
PhD student
Email: stefania.martini@charite.de 

Ugarit Daher
PhD student
Email: ugarit.daher@charite.de 

Vartan Kazezian
Master student
Email: vartan.kazezian@charite.de