BIH Professorships

Professorship for Statistical Methods of Translation and Early Clinical Studies

On January 1, 2019, Frank Konietschke took up a professorship for statistical methods in translational and early-stage clinical studies at the BIH and Charité. He aims to help the scientists working within the translational research commons to use proper statistical techniques in their research, so as to enable their projects in the fields of personalized medicine, translational research, and rare diseases to yield more precise results.


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Professorship for Translational Bioethics

On June 1,2018, Daniel Strech took up the new professorship for Translational Bioethics at Charité and leads a research group at the BIH Quest Center for Transforming Biomedical Research. Read press release

More information about the research group of Daniel Strech

Junior Professorship "Methods for Digital Phenotyping" in association with the Einstein Center Digital Future

On 1 June, 2018, Sebastian Köhler started his work as Junior Professor of Methods for Digital Phenotyping at the Charité and the BIH. This junior professorship is associated with the ECDF.

More information about the research group of Sebastian Köhler "Methods for Digital Phenotyping"

BIH Professorship Dominik Seelow

On June 1, 2018, Dominik Seelow took up his W2 professorship in bioinformatics and translational genetics at the Charité and the BIH. At the Charité, he heads a working group in the Translational Genomics research group.


BIH Professorship for Environmental Epigenetics and Lung Research

Charité and BIH strengthen translational lung research in Berlin. Irina Lehmann's appointment to the W3 professorship for "Environmental Epigenetics and Lung Research" expands the team for the newly established scientific focus of translational lung research at the Charité. Press release (in German)

More about the research group of Irina Lehmann "Research group „Molecular Epidemiology“

BIH Professorship for Mathematical Modelling of Neuronal Learning

On April 1, 2018, Robert Gütig was appointed W3 Professor in Mathematical Modeling of Neural Learning at Charité and BIH. As a theoretical neuroscientist, Robert Gütig studies the brain processes involved in learning inside the brain’s neuronal networks. He hopes to advance the translation of theoretical knowledge into clinical practice.

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BIH-Professor Stephan Ripke

Since April 1, 2018 Stephan Ripke holds the Heisenberg Professorship "Transdiagnostic Genomics for Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry" at the Charité and the BIH. He is head of the laboratory for statistical genetics at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

More information about the research group of Stephan Ripke 'GResU - GWAS Research Unit'

BIH Professor Marcus Mall

Marcus Mall has been appointed Professor for Pediatric Pulmonology and Immunology at Charité. Mall’s co-appointments as Einstein Professor and BIH Professor were made possible with the support of Einstein Foundation Berlin and collaboration with the BIH.

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BIH Professorship for Biometry

Geraldine Rauch took up her duties on 1 July 2017 and, in addition to heading the Institute of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology at the Charité, will also be responsible for setting up a Service Unit Biometry within the BIH platform Clinical Translational Sciences.

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Service Unit Biometry

BIH Professorship for Virology

In March 2017, virologist Christian Drosten started his work at BIH and Charité. He will head the Institute for Virology at the Charité, be director of the Department of Virology at Labor Berlin GmbH and set up a BIH research unit for virology as part of the BIH program Personalized Medicine.

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BIH Professorship for Microbiology

Andreas Diefenbach joined the BIH and Charité in November 2016. He took up a professorship in microbiology, heads the Institute for Microbiology at the Charité and is responsible for the Department of Microbiology at Labor Berlin GmbH. His appointment was made possible by the Einstein Foundation and Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum (DRFZ) and the BIH.

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BIH Professorships Cardiovascular Medicine

In 2014, Charité, MDC, the Deutschen Zentrum für Herz-Kreislauf-Forschung (DZHK), the Deutschen Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB) and BIH realized three joint appointments.

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