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People are at the heart of BIH’s work, and we aim to attract, develop and retain the brightest minds of trans ­lational research and management. We already have dedicated researchers and staff, but to meet our Strategy 2026 goals, we plan to recruit more by applying proven best­practice approaches and embracing gender equality and internationalization.We aim to have filled dozens of key posts for the translational research commons by 2026, from BIH chairs to BIH professorships and junior group leaders.

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Core Facilities + Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows

  • Core Facilities

    In addition to the BIH chairs, BIH professorships and BIH junior research groups, further working group and core facility leaders have been appointed since the BIH was founded.

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  • Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows

    Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows are top-level scientists working abroad and recruited for continuous activities as visiting scientists at the BIH and its partners, the Charité and MDC.

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