Technology Transfer at BIH and Charité


Our Mission "Tech Transfer – Reimagined"

The technology transfer unit "Berlin Health Innovations" aims to accelerate and catalyze the transformation of new discoveries and inventions of the Berlin Institute of Health and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin into medical products and services that improve outcome and benefit patients and society.

Our Approach

After making a discovery, researchers often need support with patenting and licensing their ideas, developing them into a product, funding to validate their findings, and founding their own companies. Berlin Health Innovations is developing different key instruments to provide researchers and innovators with the support they need at every step of the way.

Next to patenting services we provide funding for the validation of promising research that is too early or high-risk to attract private investors. We offer advisory services including strategic, legal, partnering and funding advice as well as agile project management and business development. We are building a co-working lab space for innovative biotech start-ups to give them the infrastructure, services and support they need. We are designing a digital health accelerator connecting tech entrepreneurs with the largest university clinic in Europe. In this unique ecosystem, medicine, bioscience and digital technologies stimulate and fuel each other to create innovative products and services that truly benefit patients.

Integrating the valuable services and initiatives of our partners, Ascenion, Stiftung Charité and SPARK, Berlin Health Innovations provides 360 degree acceleration and incubation services at every step along the value chain.