On this page you can find information about initiatives to increase the quality of research. These can be either own or external initiatives.


In 2014, The Lancet published a highly acclaimed series on "Increasing value: reducing waste".

These series focused on how, on the one hand, the utility and value of biomedical research can be enhanced, for example through changes in the design, implementation and reporting of research projects, and how, on the other hand, "useless" research can be avoided. The series deals with various stakeholders, e.g. journals, regulatory agencies, funding agencies, as well as researchers and academic institutions, to whom a total of 17 recommendations are addressed. More information on the The Lancet series can be found here (

In this context, we would like to draw attention to an activity of the Center for Open Science, in which a 1,000 USD prize can be won for the publication of preregistered research projects.

Transparency and the independent reproducibility of research results are core values ​​of biomedical research.
The credibility of results can be increased by the preregistration of research projects. Furthermore, a claim to own ideas can be staked earlier by means of a preregistration.
More information can be found here.