QUEST is planning a variety of projects. What is special is that these projects take an applied approach as we aim to implement novel ways of designing, analysing and reporting research at the Berlin Institute of Health. The measures and projects to be implemented are identified by so-called "meta research", for example through research on research. During and after implementation, we also want to examine their effectiveness. Our projects revolve around systematic reviews, open science (open data, metadata and ontologies), citizen science, science policy (for example incentives and rewards in academia, novel metrics and indicators), replication und reproducibility, electronic laboratory notebooks, registration and publication of clinical trials, and quality management in preclinical research, among others.

Publication of results from clinical trials

One of our first projects is concerned with the publication of clinical trials. The publication of all results from clinical trials is an important component for improving biomedical research and reducing the amount of unused research results. This is also an obligation regarding the participants of clinical trials and their contribution to research.

Yet, many study results are not being published at all or only with great delay. In cooperation with scientists from the Hannover Medical School and the university clinic Freiburg (Cochrane Deutschland), we want to determine the proportion of clinical trials without published results for each of the 36 German medical faculties. For this, we concentrate on all trials completed between 2009 and 2013.

This project takes place in the context of the AllTrials petition in which the BIH participates.





Information on further projects and measures will follow.