QUEST Scientific Advisory Panel

The QUEST Scientific Advisory Panel is responsible for providing the Founding Director and the future working groups of QUEST with external specialized knowledge regarding important research topics and ongoing scientific and strategic issues. At present the Scientific Advisory Panel consists of five international experts in meta research, statistics and quality assurance in research.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Panel are listed below.

Name Institution
Prof. Dr. Gerd Antes Cochrane Deutschland, Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Alastair Buchan University of Oxford, Medical School und Medical Sciences Division, Oxford, England
Dr. Katherine Button University of Bath, Department of Psychology, Bath, England
Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis, MD, DSc Stanford University, School of Medicine, School of Humanities and Sciences, Meta-Research Innovation Center, Stanford, USA
Emily Sena, PhD University of Edinburgh, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Edinburgh, England