Each translational institution must select which research and development priorities it wants to focus its activities and resources on. This takes place at BIH within the Translation Hubs and Focus Areas. In accordance with the strategic decision for a cross-organ approach, BIH has selected topics that can make fundamental systems medicine contributions to translation.

The Translation Hubs represent topics and technologies that will revolutionize medicine across various disciplines in the coming years:

  • Digital Medicine
  • Multi-Omics
  • Organoids and Cell Engineering
  • Clinical Translation

It is in these areas in particular that highly relevant contributions can be made to BIH’s translational mission, so improving clinical options for patients. The Digital Medicine hub enables the extensive use of data-based approaches; Multi-Omics ensures phenotyping at the highest level; and Organoids and Cell Engineering make the targeted modulation of cells and 3D organ cultures usable for innovative, precision-based medical approaches. In these areas, the Translation Hubs support effective translational research through the Clinical Translation hub by:

  • Networking experts and establishing a research community
  • Developing innovative technologies and methods
  • Providing excellence in scientific services (core facilities)

All Principle Investigators from BIH, Charité and MDC and participants of the BIH Charité (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program are invited to apply for membership in one or several of the Translation Hubs.