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All Principle Investigators from BIH, Charité and MDC and participants of the BIH Charité (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program are invited to apply. Members of the platforms belong to the BIH Faculty and are invited to shape a translational research environment using cutting-edge technology. Platforms provide a space for networking of people with similar research interests and the opportunity to connect the currently evolving structures. The goal is to create a unique research ground for Berlin with opportunities beyond the sum of individual elements.

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A confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. Should you wish to commit time and effort to several platforms, please submit a separate application for each platform you wish to join.

Interested individuals can apply for membership at any time. The Platform Steering Committees discuss about and approve new memberships at the end of each quarter. Platform membership needs to be renewed every two years. 

Thank you very much for your interest in joining the BIH Research Platforms. We look forward to working with you! If you have questions please contact

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