Research platform: Clinical Translational Sciences

In the future, patients will play a significantly more active role in helping researchers formulate important research questions, and will often benefit directly from the results of their personal study data. This will lead to significant advances in clinical research approaches and methods.

Work on such clinical and translational scientific activities is already well underway in several BIH and Charité-led bodies, such as BIH’s Clinical Research Unit and Charité’s clinical research centers. The Clinical Translational Science Platform, anchored by the Clinical Study Center, will enhance the translational research commons in an integrated environment with these facilities.
It will consist of a number of scientific and management units designed to support the next generation of clinical translational research. These will include a consolidated clinical research unit; an advanced biobank to manage the storage of biosamples; infrastructure to produce advanced therapies; and a specialist unit that will develop and share new clinical study approaches and ethods.Its aim, in addition to supporting the translational research commons, is to conduct world-class research and become scalable to link with similar centers across Germany and internationally.