Research platform: Multiscale Omics

Ever since the human genome was decoded in 2003, genomic technology has exploded. A person’s DNA can now be sequenced for less than €1,000, meaning their genetic material can readily be analyzed for potential disease susceptibilities or gene therapy targets. The development also presents huge research opportunities, not least using models with multiple layers of molecular biological and clinical data to understand how genes and mechanisms that control their function affect disease (multiscale omics).

Several translational research units within BIH and its corporate bodies are active in this area, creating an ideal situation for a coordinated “Berlin approach” for multiscale omics focused on translation. BIH’s plan is therefore to establish a Multiscale Omics Platform anchored by a Translational Genomics Center in complementary interaction with Charité and MDC structures.
This will encompass a medical genomics unit to investigate the genetic causes of disease; a systems medicine/ multiscale genomics/bioinformatics unit to study disease causation; and a unit looking at the role of microorganisms in health and disease.
The platform aims to become an international beacon for translational genomics and personalized medicine.