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There is now a consensus in science policy that structured support is also necessary for advanced clinician scientists after they have completed their residency training and habilitation (1, 2). The urgency of such support arises not least from the already existing pool of more than 70 Clinician Scientist alumni; about 20 more alumni will be added each year. The BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) has therefore designed an Advanced Clinician Scientist Pilot Program (AdCSP) to fill the existing gap in the promotion of academic career paths after residency training.

Background and goals

The BIH Charité AdCSP is designed as a target-group and career-phase specific, sustainable support program, which strives for a close integration of individual and institutional support. The primary goal of the program is to simultaneously incentivize the fellows and recognize the permissive academic culture of the respective clinics or institutes. Like the BIH Charité CSP and the "Digital Clinician Scientist Program" (DCSP), which has been additionally funded by the DFG since 2019, it is intended to be open to all clinical disciplines and to provide multiple networking opportunities for the grantees and participating clinics and institutes.

1) Cf. DFG 2018 (Permanent Senate Commission on Fundamental Questions in Clinical Research): "Establishing science-oriented personnel development for medical specialists in university medicine": available online at: www.dfg.de/download/pdf/dfg_im_profil/gremien/senat/klinische_forschung/empfehlung_180307.PDF

2) Cf. BMBF (Forum Health Research) 2018: "Concept for the nationwide implementation of clinician and advanced clinician scientist programs in health research in Germany": available online at: www.dlr.de/pt/Portaldata/45/Resources/Dokumente/GF/Clinician_u_Advanced_Clinician_Scientists_10-2018.pdf


Current call

Currently there is no call for applications for this program. Please have a look at the previous call if interested:

AdCSP Steering Committee and Fellows


Dr. Angelika Kusch

Coordinator Advanced Clinician Scientist Program

Contact information
Phone:+49 (0) 30 450 543 305