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The activities of BIH Digital Labs directly drive the implementation of the BIH mission of translational medicine, i.e., the transfer of biomedical research results and inventions to patients and the healthcare market, in the field of digital health. This is achieved by offering services to employees of the Charité including the BIH, to innovative digital health companies, as well as to digital health interested parties in the national and international innovation ecosystem. As a result, BIH Digital Labs strives to contribute to the generation of societal benefits.

Digital Labs is an activity of BIH Innovations, the joint technology transfer of Charité and BIH. Closely aligned with other BIH offerings, Digital Labs focuses on Digital Health - the convergence of new technologies such as 3D/ Additive Manufacturing, Augmented/ Mixed/ Virtual Reality, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors and Software with Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Offerings for employees of Charité including BIH

Design & Co-Create

We support you and your research and clinical team with various formats in the identification and analysis of biomedical and clinical unmet needs or innovation opportunities, as well as in the development of viable ideas and concepts with realization potential.

Digital Health Accelerator

The BIH Digital Health Accelerator program supports all employees of Charité, including BIH, in research and clinical practice, in developing digital health solutions from their innovative approaches and transferring them to patients in medical applications or the market. Participating teams go through a structured process with support from funding, mentoring by high-profile experts, access to networks, and interdisciplinary collaboration in the BIH Digital Labs Co-working Space. The goal is the generation of innovative digital health solutions and transfer to patients and our society.

Offerings for innovative digital health companies

Innovation in medicine is driven in particular by technological progress. Match & Connect is an offer to technology and digital health companies and in particular startups worldwide, and at the same time to employees of Charité including BIH in research and clinical practice, to connect for mutual exchange and collaboration.

Offerings for digital health innovators and enthusiasts

For everybody interested in digital health, we regularly offer event formats such as the Digital Health Forum to network with the digital health ecosystem, support the Meetup “Machine Learning in Healthcare”, and co-organize the annual Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit conference in collaboration with Stiftung Charité.

All offerings under one roof - BIH Digital Labs

All Digital Labs offerings are located centrally to foster the synergistic collaboration of interdisciplinary teams at BIH Digital Labs at Am Zirkus 1 / Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 3 in the immediate vicinity of the Charité Campus Mitte.

Our Team

The BIH Digital Labs team combines interdisciplinary expertise in digital health from international work experience in the public and private sectors - from user research, medical design, product development and clinical validation to corporate strategy, innovation structures and processes, business models, reimbursement and company formation.

Our team is united by the drive to work with innovators to transform their biomedical research results and inventions into market-ready solutions - for patients and for our society at large.

Contact us and find out how we can support you and your project!

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    Tim Huse

    Head of Digital Labs incl. Digital Health Accelerator

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 036
  • Dorothée Marie-Louise Döpfer

    Deputy Head of Digital Labs and Program Management DHA & Community Building

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 041
  • David Aagten-Murphy

    Senior Project Developer DHA

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 064
  • David Jacobi

    Site manager BIH properties Spreepalais & am Zirkus

    Contact information
    Phone:+ 49 30 450 543 318


Berlin Institute of Health at
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Contact information
Address:Charité BIH Innovation Digital Labs
Am Zirkus 1 / Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 3,
DE-10117 Berlin

Phone:+49 (0)30 450 543 318