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Facility for the systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studies

Our facility, CAMARADES provides Charité researchers and the BIH with education and training on the systematic review of animal studies, and methodological support to perform robust, high quality reviews. Additionally, we review published Charité and BIH animal studies to benchmark quality and 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement of animal use in research) criteria, identify opportunities for improvement strategies, and monitor their impact over time. We aim to support higher quality, more ethical animal research, which is more likely to translate to benefit in human patients.

We provide regular hands-on workshops on systematic review and meta-analysis methodology for students and researchers, as well as bespoke courses for your research group, see more here.

Are you interested in conducting a systematic review of animal data and want some help to get started? We can provide assistance with:

  • Refining your research question
  • Protocol development
  • Search strategy development
  • Meta-analysis statistical plan and conducting meta-analysis
  • Help with systematic review software and tools

Contact our helpdesk to discuss your project: CAMARADES.berlin@charite.de .



Preclinical Systematic Review Helpdesk