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In February 2018, the QUEST Center, in cooperation with the German Centre for Higher Education and Science Studies (DZHW), conducted a survey on the research climate at the Charité. All scientific employees and doctoral students were invited to participate.

The survey consisted of two blocks of questions:
one block used an already established questionnaire and referred to the research climate with regard to responsible research practices (Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SOuRCe)). The second block was newly developed for this project and related to the research climate with regard to translational research practices (STRC).

The questions focused both on the research climate in the direct working environment and on the institutional level. In addition, questions were asked on translational research practices and Open Access & Open Data.

Results of the first survey, considered as a baseline, in particular on the validation of the newly established questionnaire part on the translational research climate (STRC), can be found as a preprint on SocArXiv. The anonymised results of the survey and the analysis scripts are available on the Open Science Framework.

The publication can be found here.



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