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The Open Code badge is awarded to publications, for which self-developed or individually adapted software code has been made available. The shared code can e.g. be analysis code, used for the analysis of study data, or code for a newly developed algorithm, which is being presented in the publication. There is no uniform definition of Open Code, but here it is not understood to be Open Source software. Such software assumes the use of certain licenses, which regulate re-use (free and open source software, FOSS). The use of such a license is not a requirement for receiving the Open Code badge, and is not checked by the QUEST Center. However, code is typically shared with such a license to make it re-usable.

The badge is awarded if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Software code is self-written or individually adapted
  • Sharing of code is indicated in the respective publication
  • Code is available for free and accessible without restrictions or registration



Dr. Evgeny Bobrov

Project leader Open Data and Research Data Management

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