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Many guidelines exist for assuring quality in preclinical studies but they exist over a set of disparate and disjointed resources. This makes it difficult for reviewers to use these guidelines in the funding review process effortlessly. Moreover, these guidelines often take the perspective of evaluating individual studies without taking into account collective practices in communication, which can provide informative in the funding stage (e.g., how to deal with potential publication bias in journals).

The Q-EBRA project synthesizes various materials, from protocol guidelines to funder specific guidelines, and identifies where meta-research can further inform review practices. This includes synthesizing guidelines such as the ARRIVE and PREPARE guidelines, joined with developments in preprint publishing, sample size calculations, and discerning between exploratory and confirmatory studies (and the differing evaluation procedures).

With this project we support the European Brain Research Area (EBRA) in formulating minimum standards for preclinical brain research. These minimum standards can then serve as an orientation aid for the development of research policies and research plans, the formulation of future calls and the corresponding information for applicants and reviewers. Based on these standards, we will develop open materials under unrestrictive licenses. This includes a white paper on preclinical trial evaluation as well as webinars to easily digest the white paper for practical purposes.


PD Dr. Ulf Tölch

Head of research group | Project leader Education, Training & Quality in Research

• Coordination of measures to improve research quality | Concept on teaching formats on Open Science/Statistics | Development/implementation of projects on reproducibility | • Team

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Phone:+49 30 450 543 013