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Attributes of robust and innovative research (MERIT)

The following criteria relate to quality, ethics, open science and translation of biomedical research at BIH. The goal is to map the robustness, reproducibility and confirmability of research projects and hence to best possible stimulate the existing potential for innovation.

The list of QUEST criteria is a living document. The selected attributes are in the development and testing phase. Currently four criteria are tested and further developed in almost all BIH intramural funding schemes.

Our basic premise is that the robustness and confirmability of a research project and its results are not reducible to one specific aspect of the scientific process, but instead is the product of many different factors.

The QUEST criteria can be found here.

This project is continued within the project MERIT – Implementing mechanisms of robustness and transparency into the assessments of translational research (WT BIH MERIT) for the duration of its funding period.

Dr. Miriam Kip, MPH

Project Manager Incentivation and Indicators | Charité Representative Incentivation and Indicators

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