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Biomedical research invests heavily in resources to establish "islands" of information, but little effort in synthesising and integrating this knowledge. This disconnect in the evidence pipeline contributes to “translational failure”, where preclinical evidence in animals often fails to result in clinical benefit for humans. Preclinical evidence synthesis is a critical step to evaluate current research and clearly justify future research, however we currently lack the capacity and infrastructure to perform this synthesis.

The project presents a framework to transform biomedical research and engage community to enable more effective translational research through:

  • education in preclinical evidence synthesis
  • infrastructure development and
  • creating “Research Ecosystems”

The aim is that as many researchers as possible work on the evidence synthesis in order to improve their studies, streamlining the evidence pipeline and accelerating treatment development.

The advisory board of the “Stifterverband” selects the 30 most promising teams for the second phase from the 100 projects in the initial phase. These teams can apply for further funding. Depending on progress, funding requirements and potential impact, the advisory board finally selects the ten projects from among them, which will be funded with a total of one million Euros. At the end of this funding phase, the three projects with the greatest impact potential will receive the “Wirkung hoch 100" award.

Further information: Anniversary initiative "Wirkung hoch 100