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The project part to be conducted at the Charité has three aims:

  1. assessing the needs of Charité researchers with respect to research data management (RDM)
  2. developing concepts for data management consulting, qualification formats, and communication
  3. community-building around similar data formats and data management practices

Thus, it aims to contribute to the development of a RDM strategy for the Charité and its subsequent implementation and dissemination. In addition to the local focus, the project will develop a concept for a BUA-wide RDM support network, which would make local expertise available Alliance-wide.

The project is funded by the Berlin University Alliance within Objective 5 “Sharing resources” and takes place in collaboration with partners of all BUA institutions. Project leadership lies at the FU.

Berlin University Alliance (BUA)
BUA Objective 5: Sharing Resources


  • Dr. Evgeny Bobrov

    Project leader Open Data and Research Data Management

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 069
  • Dr. Angela Ariza de Schellenberger

    Research fellow – BUA FDM

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 069