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The field "responsible indicators" encompasses the description of different models for the performance-based allocation of funds (“Leistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe”; LOM) among the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). Berlin is considered the first federal state to have introduced individual contracts with universities for performance-based funding. The LOM was implemented as a competitive incentive at universities. It is a key steering element of institutions to efficiently promote high-performance areas in view of limited resources. This project investigates the status quo of the LOM within the BUA and its institutions. One aim is to present the existing models and interpretations, which may differ from one institution to another, as well as to present them in a discipline-specific, cross-institutional way. The characterization of the status quo will provide the basis for a critical examination of steering achievements and possible secondary effects. In future, efforts will be made to utilize the steering elements for improving quality in research. From the perspective of institutions and federal state, the mapping of LOM is an essential component in fulfilling their role regarding the responsibility for enhancing quality in research.


Dipl. Psych. Simon Krupka

Project manager - BUA Responsible Indicators

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Phone:+49 30 450 543 455