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The project is funded by the Berlin University Alliance within Objective 5 "Sharing resources" and takes place in collaboration with partners of all BUA institutions. Project leadership lies at the FU.

The project part to be conducted at the Charité has three aims:

1. Assessing the needs of Charité researchers with respect to research data management (RDM)

2. Developing concepts for data management consulting, qualification formats, and communication

3. Community-building around similar data formats and data management practices

Thus, it aims to contribute to the development of a RDM strategy for the Charité and its subsequent implementation and dissemination. In addition to the local focus, the project will develop a concept for a BUA-wide RDM support network, which would make local expertise available Alliance-wide.

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Dr. Evgeny Bobrov

Project team leader Open Data and Research Data Management

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 069