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One of the QUEST Center’s core goals is providing scientists with tools, services and resources to break down barriers to translation and thus conduct high-quality, reproducible research. In the context of the new Charité/BIH Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership, we are delighted to introduce you to the SPOKES Program: SPOKES aims to create traction and stimulate grass root activities, focusing on quality, reproducibility, generalizability and validity, in turn improving the overall culture of translation. 

SPOKES Wellcome Trust Funded Think Tank (SWTFTT)

The SPOKES Wellcome Trust Funded Think Tank (SWTFTT) is a group of ~10 early career researchers (ECRs) from the BIH research community who will work together over the period of one year to develop, conduct and complete a project that aims to improve the quality of translational research in Berlin. The SWTFTT team will receive a grant of up to 20,000 Euros for the development and execution of their project. Selection will be based on applicants’ previous engagement with improving research, project ideas, commitment to the Think Tank and possible role in the group. The funds allocated to the Think Tank may be used for organizing events, developing resources, communicating about the project and so on.

Meet the 2020 SPOKES Think Tank here.

See more information about the Think Tank here.

SPOKES Wellcome Trust Funded Translational Partnership Fellowships (SWTFTPF)

Five selected SPOKES Wellcome Trust Funded Translational Partnership Fellows will receive up to 25 000 Euros over 15 months to undertake projects that add value to their own research ‘micro-environment’ (i.e. research group, department, or clinic). Value will be defined as improving the quality, reproducibility, generalizability or the validity of the fellows’ own research. Fellows will be mid-career researchers (senior postdocs or junior group leaders), selection will be based on the excellence of project proposals (topic/impact/sustainability/overall value). Participants will meet with the QUEST team once a month to exchange ideas, draw upon one another’s expertise and turn project ideas into action.

Dr. Katarina Braune and Hanne Ballhausen, The OPEN Project

Dr. Felix Fischer, PROM2PRO

Dr. Toivo Glatz and Jessica Rohmann, PEERSPECTIVES

Dr. Wolf-Julian Neumann, From experiment to open metadata repository: Computational reproducibility for FAIR translational neuromodulation research in clinical neuroscience.

Dr. Sophie Piper, The iBikE Smart Learner

Via these two formats, SPOKES will be able to gain a better understanding not only of the diversity of the research landscape at the Charité/BIH, but also of the concrete steps which the QUEST Center can undertake to remove future barriers to high-quality research. Participants of the SPOKES Fellowship and Think Tank will additionally act as inofficial QUEST Center ambassadors whilst simultaneously extending the reach of their own ongoing projects and initiatives.