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The iBikE Smart Learner

Statistics is often not a popular subject for medical students and researchers. However, methodological skills are essential for the quality of research and for the correct interpretation of research results. We developed a learning tool called the "iBikE Smart learner“ - an interactive, web-based teaching program. Specifically, we were able to complete the content of the first module "Statistical misconceptions about the p-value" – which we plan to evaluate in the upcoming months. Moreover, we want to create more modules addressing for instance the misinterpretation of correlation and causation and the misuse of bar charts.

Institute of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology (iBikE)

What is the main goal of your project?

We want to evaluate the first module of our iBike-Smart Learner, develop the next modules and to promote the tool to the public.

What are you most proud of so far?

Despite all Covid-19 circumstances, we were able to launch the evaluation study. We’re also proud that that the tool will be bilingual (English and German) soon and that we have had fruitful interactions with the other SPOKES fellows.

What have been your greatest challenges so far?

We needed to solve data privacy and server access issues with the Charite IT Services to launch our online evaluations study within the Charite intranet.

What are your plans in the coming months?

We are working on conceptualizing the next module about the misuse of bar charts, finishing data recruitment of the evaluation study and drafting a paper about results thereof, and hosting our tool on the BIH (QUEST) education platform.