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The SPOKES Wellcome Trust Funded Translational Partnership Fellowship (SWTFTPF) is aimed at mid-career researchers at the Charité who wish to spend a period of time improving the manner in which their research is conducted. Fellows will receive a grant of up to 25 000 Euros over up to 18 months to spend on their own project. This grant may be used to pay part of their salary (or that of a colleague), hire a student, purchase consumables or pay for investments related to the project.

In early 2020, the SPOKES Review Board will be selecting a group of up to five fellows. Formal eligibility criteria are as follows. Fellows must:
(1) Be a senior postdoc or junior group leader (see FAQs, below)
(2) Be in possession of a current Charité contract which is valid for the entire project period (until at least November 2021).
The application must include a description of and motivation for the proposed project, a concise budget/timeline and details regarding predicted impact.

Once selected, Fellows will meet regularly at the BIH QUEST Center to work on their own projects, as well as exchanging ideas, knowledge and progress developments. Ultimately, Fellows will be aiming to increase the quality of science in their daily work. This can be undertaken via a variety of methods e.g. podcasts, meta-research, implementation of 3R guidelines in their institute etc. On completion of the Fellowship funding period, Fellows will be required to demonstrate precisely how their undertakings have increased the quality of their research.

The selected Fellows will be required to be in regular contact with QUEST team members (monthly meetings) providing informative insights from their experiences as well as sharing their projects online and via further media formats. Ultimately, this should draw increased attention to research quality with a focus on high-value research becoming commonplace within the Charité/BIH communities.