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Under the heading of "Increasing Value, Reducing Waste in Biomedical Research", the concept of quality in biomedical research is currently being critically debated worldwide. The main lines of criticism relate to the validity and reproducibility of experimental studies and the tendency to publish only desirable study results (publication bias, distorted publication).

As a cross-cutting topics, BRAVO addresses both 1) quality assurance and 2) the acceptance and cultural embedding of quality criteria in biomedical research at German medical schools.
The aim of the project is to promote and improve internal university standards and incentive systems for quality assurance.

Project part 1 "Benchmarks for Quality Indicators" examines how successfully medical faculties apply quality assurance measures in biomedical research. The indicators studied include pre-registration of studies, open science / data sharing, and the timely publication of study results.

In project part 2 "WiHo Stakeholders, SWOT Analyses", the process between introduction and adoption of the "Increasing Value" requirements at medical faculties is examined with the help of SWOT and baseline analyses. To this end, project managers of clinical studies as well as leaders of medical faculties are surveyed by means of questionnaires and in interviews.

Both project parts aim to raise awareness of the "increasing value" debate at medical faculties and among the general public.
By raising awareness of the problem and providing incentives for responsible research, BRAVO aims to support cultural change among researchers and the embedding of new quality indicators in medical faculties.