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Translation-Hub Multi-Omics

The Multi-Omics hub aims to make omics technologies usable for translational applications. These include the establishment of standardized pipelines for the preparation of samples and data, the development of computer-aided approaches for the integration, analysis and modelling of omics data, the continuous development of omics methods and technologies, as well as omics-based diagnostic analysis and therapeutic approaches.

The hub combines modern high-throughput technologies with bioinformatic methodology for the comprehensive analysis of genes, proteins and metabolic products as well as their interactions and phenotypical characteristics. The focus here is on the analysis of clinical samples using state-of-the-art omics technologies, which not only contribute to a better understanding of pathological mechanisms, but can also be used for the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. In cooperation with the Clinical Translation hub, omics data can be correlated with external characteristics and clinical parameters, allowing a systems-medical understanding of disease-related mechanisms as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Steering Committee Translation Hub Multi Omics
Prof. Dr. Nils Blüthgen Charité
Prof. Dr. David Capper Charité
Prof. Dr. Angelika Eggert Charité
Dr. Jan Philipp Junker MDC-BIMSB
Dr. Jennifer Kirwan BIH, MDC
Prof. Dr. Marcus Mall BIH, Charité
Dr. Philipp Mertins BIH, MDC

Research Groups

  • Working group

    Computational Genome Biology

    Martin Kircher

    Martin Kircher joined BIH in March 2017 as a new junior research group leader in the field of Bioinformatics. He describes the work of his 'Computational Genome Biology' group and experience in a…

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  • Working group

    Genome Informatics

    Birte Kehr

    Birte Kehr joined BIH in November 2016 to establish the Junior Research Group (JRG) Genome Informatics. She and her team are developing novel computational approaches for the analysis of genome…

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