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This event is open to fellow PhD students and Postdocs who are working on or are interested in computational methods for life sciences.


25 March 2015


17.00 Uhr


Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Föhrer Str. 15
13353 BerlinRoom 1.0028, Building CC17
  1. Short introduction round 
    (Please feel free to bring some slides to present the project you are working on).
  2. Markus Schüler: "Genome architecture"
  3. Stefan Konigorski: "A joint statistical model integrating multi-level biological data for genetic association analysis"
  4. Ole Eigenbrod: "Challenges in transcript reconstruction"
  5. Open discussion
Get toegether at local pub Eschenbräu.
You do not need to register but it would be nice if you could take part in the following Doodle, so we can estimate the necessary room size and make a reservation at Eschenbraeu:

Please direct inquiries to:  

Manuel Holtgrewe (manuel.holtgrewe@charite.de
Philipp Drewe (philipp.drewe@mdc-berlin.de)