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Building a successful company out of Charité

At the next BIH Digital Health Forum on November 21, Bartosz Kosmecki, founder of Scopis, will give insight from from a decade of building his successful company named "Scopis".

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Six Charité innovation teams will offer an insight into the fresh digital health innovations they are developing; e.g. in the areas of computer-assisted cardiology and chronobiology.

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Precisely changing genetic material – using light

Scientists from Heidelberg and Berlin led by Roland Eils have developed a protein construct called CASANOVA that switches off the CRISPR gene scissors in the dark.

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How does playing influence learning?

For the BrainPlay project, BIH Professor Robert Gütig and Professor Dietmar Schmitz, together with an interdisciplinary research team, will receive an ERC Synergy Grant.

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A building that transcends borders

On October 17, the Executive Board members of the BIH laid the cornerstone for the Käthe Beutler Building on the Berlin-Buch campus.

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BIH doctoral fellow studies opportunities and risks of CRISPR-Cas9

Are we immune to the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing scissors?

“Digitalization is an integral part of cancer research”

Interview with Roland Eils, Professor for Digital Health at BIH, on the state of digitalization in the healthcare sector.