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New BIH CEO Christopher Baum takes office

On 2 October, 2020, the BIH invites its new CEO Prof. Christopher Baum to take office and expects prominent guests from politics, research and health care.

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An in-depth atlas of the heart

Researchers from three continents have produced a first extensive draft of a cell atlas of the human heart

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National Center for Tumor Diseases in Berlin

Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek announced today that Berlin will become one of four new NCT locations in addition to Heidelberg and Dresden

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Atopic dermatitis app now covered by health insurer

An app created by Nia Health helps patients and parents better manage the disease and collects personalized data to develop targeted therapies.

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Our mission: Translation!

The mission of the BIH is medical translation: The BIH aims to translate findings from biomedical research into new approaches for personalised prediction, prevention and therapy and, conversely, to develop new research approaches from clinical observations. The goal is always the medical benefit for patients*.

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Corona research at full speed

To protect against SARS-CoV-2, the BIH works largely in the home office. Meanwhile, research on Corona/COVID-19 is in full swing.

A new Chapter for the Berlin Institute of Health

Anja Karliczek and Michael Müller signed an administrative agreement on the integration of the BIH into Charité.