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Working hours

To promote a good work-life balance, BIH offers flexible working conditions. At almost all levels, flexible working hours and part-time employment are possible at one's own request. 


For emergencies in which employees need to bring their child to the office (daycare center closing day, strike, etc.), there is a parent-child room in the BIH head office that employees and guests can use with their children. The room is equipped with toys and nursing facilities. If you would like to use the room, please contact the Equal Opportunity Officer. At the Charité locations, the infrastructure of the Charité is at your disposal.   

For all BIH events, childcare for the children of participants and speakers can be organized on site so that everyone, regardless of family obligations, can participate in the event.   

We support employees of BIH with places in daycare centers of the Fröbel Group the offer of emergency childcare via the Charité. In addition, there is the possibility to reimburse childcare costs when attending further education.

Work-Life Balance  

BIH offers suitable offers for all employees in cooperation with voiio for a better work-life balance. From online courses on birth preparation, virtual childcare, learning support for school children and vacation activities to family counseling, coaching, counseling on caring for relatives, grief support and help with tax returns.   

Contact Person

Karin Höhne

Equal Opportunity Officer

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 048