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While they differ significantly in the unmet medical needs they address, the newest teams were selected based on their uniform ability to reimagine a solution using cutting-edge digital technologies, thus continuing the translational mission of the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH).

During Stage 1 of their progression through the BIH DHA Program, teams are guided and supported by funding, expert mentoring by subject matter experts and industry professionals, a robust network of talent and development partners, and access to the interdisciplinary work environment at the BIH DHA ‘Digital Labs’ co-working space.

The 2024 project teams are:

  • Dr. Caroline Gabrysch and Dr. Sophia Ossmann, Charité: VISIONS – A digital solution to lower barriers, simplify clinical processes and support women after sexual violence
  • Dr. Manuel Holtgrewe, BIH: VarFish – A software for comprehensive genome variant analysis for diagnostics and research
  • Jeremy Krohn, Charité: CalciQuant – A single automated software solution to assess the function of brain cells
  • PD Dr. Florian Michallek and Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey, Charité: Fractalyzer – A non-invasive radiology software solution for tumor characterization
  • PD Dr. Jawed Nawabi, Charité: RadiologyFlow – A digital solution to improve the quality and efficiency of radiology reporting
  • Prof. Dr. Wolf-Julian Neuman and Timon Merk, Charité: BSDP – A digital platform for brain signal decoding and the personalization of brain stimulation
  • Dr. Jörg Neymeyer and Dr. Laura Hatzler, Charité: UroSavvy – An AI-based platform enabling the early detection and optimized management of urogenital complications
  • Dr. Olivia Nonn, Charité, and Dr. Naveed Ishaque, BIH: NURTURE – An AI-based solution using multi-omics organoid data for improved therapy access for pregnant women
  • Dr. Helena Pernice and PD Dr. Katrin Hahn, Charité: GaitMATE – A digital biomarker and support platform for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

“This year’s project cohort addresses a wide range of unmet medical needs in clinical and outpatient care even stretching into law enforcement, employs an impressive array of digital technologies, and also strives to cover new ground in value-based healthcare,” says Tim Huse, Head of the BIH DHA Program. “We warmly welcome the new teams to the program and are excited about the opportunity to accelerate the development of their highly innovative solutions.”

This first program stage of the program will run for five months, with project teams coming together at the annual BIH DHA Demo Day in late May 2024 in Berlin to present their projects to the greater digital health community.

About the BIH Digital Health Accelerator Program:

The BIH Digital Health Accelerator (DHA) at Charité BIH Innovation funds, guides and supports Charité/BIH clinicians and researchers at all stages of project readiness to turn their concepts into digital health solutions for launch via spin-off or licensing. Supported projects develop software as a medical device or health technology solutions based on, e.g., 3D bio-/printing, AI/machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, sensors, and software. Solution classes include clinical decision support systems, in-silico and in-vitro diagnostics, digital therapeutics, digital solutions for drug development, and patient´centered applications. With a proven track record of over 50 projects and 10 spin-offs and one exit to date, the BIH DHA offers funding of up to 1M Euro per project, protected time, expert mentoring, and a dedicated Digital Labs co-working space to help innovation teams find their momentum and accelerate the development of their digital health solutions to benefit patients, healthcare systems, and society at large.