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In the past months, two developments for the electronic laboratory book were worked on together with Labforward. 

Material Database:

This is a completely new development of a material database. It will allow to manage reagents and samples, but also cell cultures, tissues or any other material, to share it with other group members and to reference elements from the material database to entries in the lab book. A first version of the new material database will soon be available on our server at https://labfolder.bihealth.org. In the coming months more features will be added (import and export functions, extended search and filter options, sample hierarchies, new field types like drop down, QR codes and calculations).

As the material database is a major extension of the functionality of the electronic laboratory notebook, we will develop new training courses to support all existing and new users in using this extension.

Object data storage: 

One advantage of an electronic laboratory notebook is that documentation and digital data no longer have to be stored separately, but can be stored together in one system. In order to meet the users' demand for more storage space for larger data, a completely new storage concept was developed for the electronic laboratory notebook. An object data storage will be used which will initially provide 100 times more storage space than the current storage concept. While this change will be practically invisible to the users in the first stage of expansion, further stages of expansion are also planned for this development project, which should enable a clear management of the files uploaded in the electronic laboratory notebook. The change to the object data storage will take place in the coming months and will be communicated as soon as it is available to the users of the BIH community.