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LifeArc is a UK-based self-financing medical research charity with the aim to create life-changing advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. LifeArc’s strategy is focused on the early-stage translation of promising science, offering support in business and industrial know-how, lab-based research as well as investments and philanthropic grants.

AUTM is also UK-based and is seen as the non-profit leader in efforts to educate, promote and inspire professionals to support the development of academic research that changes the world and drives innovation forward. The AUTM-community is comprised of more than 3,000 members who work in more than 800 universities, research centers, hospitals, businesses and government organizations around the globe.

Their joint educational program was founded in 2017 and awards only up to fifteen fellows each year. The program equips academic life scientists, at the graduate or post-doctoral level, with the skills and knowledge to transition into careers in technology transfer through a curriculum that combines formal training with networking, mentoring and practical experience in the field.

Dr. Wallach expressed his delight about being awarded and joining the LifeArc-AUTM community: “I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to receive an in-depth education on increasing the efficiency of life science and digital health related technology transfer. Eventually being able to further accelerate the translational dynamic at Charité and BIH and thereby increase the impact generated by our scientists is a challenge I am looking forward to take.”

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