FEMALE CAREER@BIH: Workshop „Becoming more assertive! Rhetorics-Empowerment-Training for discussions & negotiations in the academic field

This event is organized by the BIH Equal Opportunity Office as part of the Female Career@BIH program.

Workshop content and goals

This Empowerment-Training focuses on the individual strengths of each participant and how to make better use of them, especially in presentations, discussions and negotiations.
How does my inner attitude towards myself, my professional role, my counterpart and the situation influence (body-) language, strategies and outcome? And how can I change it to improve my assertiveness? The workshop centers on exercises and role play, but also delivers strategies to prepare negotiations and discussions in the academic field. It provides you with feedback on your communication style and individual practical tips for your next appearance. It is an opportunity to find more inner clarity about the exact and true (inner) goal, the aimed relationship to the other(s) and the fitting strategy to communicate more powerful in the situation.


Input, exchange & feedback rounds, role-play, video examples, body-centered exercises

About the trainer

Julia Lemmle - Rhetorics & Empowerment – is a communication & empowerment trainer, coach & performer. M.A. Literature & History, systemic Coach (DCV-certified formation), university lecturer for 10 years, works free-lancing for universities, mentoring programs, foundations, companies & private persons.