Implementation of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook - Pitches, Panel and Audience Dialogue & Late Summer Barbecue

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) digitalize the documentation of researchers’ experiments and thereby facilitate biomedical laboratory Routine.

On the initiative of the BIH QUEST Center, in November 2017 the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) started the implementation of the ELN labfolder.

As part of the ELN implementation, the BIH offers a free labfolder software license to interested researchers at the Charité and MDC, while the BIH QUEST Center has been in charge of conducting introductory courses and providing labfolder user support.

In 7-Minute Pitches, intermediate results of the ELN implementation will be presented, and afterwards discussed in a Panel and Audience Dialogue.

  • ELN Implementation — What have we learned so far?

          Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl, Director BIH QUEST Center

  • ELN Experiences — How far have we come?

          Prof. Achim Kramer, Group leader Chronobiology, Charité

  • ELN Features — Which features are still missing?

          Ingo Przesdzing, ELN Team, Charité and BIH QUEST Center

  • ELN Software — What will the future bring?

          Dr. Florian Hauer, CPO & Co-Founder Labforward GmbH

  • ELN Program Evaluation — What can be offered to ELN users?

          Dr. Christiane Wetzel, Program Evaluation BIH QUEST Center

After the panel discussion you will have the chance to further discuss ELN topics at our Late Summer Barbecue.