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Information for unsolicited applications The QUEST Center highly welcomes unsolicited applications! We are continuously seeking research fellows/associates to complement and strengthen our interdisciplinary team in performing studies on the trustworthiness, usefulness and ethics of biomedical research.
Our projects often involve different methods such as systematic reviews, survey/interview research, thematic text analyses, and conceptual analyses. In terms of content, our projects deal with topics around transparency, reproducibility, study registration, risk-benefit analysis, patient-orientedness, or informed consent; all in the area of biomedicine.
Our team language is English. Because we involve or cooperate with relevant stakeholder groups in many projects (e.g. researchers, research institutions, oversight bodies, patient representatives, research funders) good German language skills are preferable. Applications are welcomed from both life/health or social/normativ sciences. Most important is a keen interested in the above indicated topics and methods.

Further required qualifications:

  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • High reliability and attention to detail
  • Very good written communication skills, including proficiency in scientific writing
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Capablity of multi-tasking effectively, prioritizing complex deliverables, and working independently and collaboratively to meet deadlines
  • Excellent English skills; good German language preferable

Please send your inquiries or applications to quest@bihealth.de.