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The overarching goal of this partnership between BIH and Enterprise Singapore is to create a sustainable innovation program. As part of the program, innovative start-ups from Singapore have the opportunity to apply to Enterprise Singapore in a predefined focus area. Following a quality check by Enterprise Singapore, Charité BIH Innovation (CBI) will take on the task of supporting the start-ups in their search for suitable clinical or research partners at Charité/BIH. This includes projects in the area of clinical validation and certification as well as co-development projects.

After successful matching, companies can apply for funding for their projects at Enterprise Singapore. If the project evaluation is positive, there is the possibility of being reimbursed a part of the project costs (the funding is provided by Enterprise Singapore). After receiving the funding approval, a contract is signed between the start-ups and the partners they have found at Charité/BIH. The entire process up to the signing of the contract is supported by CBI. This exciting collaboration paves the way for innovative research and development projects that will make a significant contribution to medical innovation.