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Thomas Gazlig, Head of Charité BIH Innovation, opened the event in the in-house co-working space Digital Labs. In addition to a tour of the premises at Bertolt-Brecht-Platz, the guests were first given exciting insights into the work of the IP & Licensing (Dr Claudia Keil-Dieckmann), SPARK-BIH (Dr Tanja Rosenmund), Digital Health Accelerator (Tim Huse) and Match & Connect (Dr Verena Benz) teams. Current development projects at various stages of maturity then presented their innovative approaches and showed how these can be used to benefit patients. The presenting teams included:

- Dr Jasper Mecklenburg with dotbase, a platform for the development of health IT solutions and digital health medical products

- Dr Annika Fendler with Urome.AI, an AI-based tool for the personalised treatment of urological cancers

- Dr Julia Eschenbrenner and Prof Raum with PoroUs GmbH, for the prevention of bone fractures through early detection of osteoporosis

- Prof Dr Surjo Soekadar with a non-invasive magnetic brain stimulation procedure with temporal interference

- Prof Boris Schmitt with a growing heart valve for children

- Gaurav Girish Sadhnani and Dilem Ceren Apaydin with Prof Dr Sarah Hedtrich's NEMO project: in-situ gene therapy for rare skin diseases

- Dr Dr Leif Ludwig with Minovia Therapeutics Ltd. with a focus on cell therapy and mitochondria

The visit was complemented by a short discussion between all participants about the impact of research through transfer on society and the economy and how it can be possible to motivate more scientists to engage in transfer. The Charité BIH Innovation team would like to thank all the scientists and founders who contributed to this exciting event with their presentations.