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The BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research strives to increase the value of biomedical research, making it more trustworthy, useful and ethical. Our aim is to overcome the roadblocks of translational medicine to foster innovation that contributes to improving healthcare and increasing patient benefit.

With the QUEST Seminar on Responsible Research the BIH QUEST Center wants to establish a communication channel primarily - but not exclusively - oriented towards our colleagues at Charité and BIH. Here, we want to present and discuss QUEST-relevant topics in order to jointly address challenges, facilitate exchange of experiences, and explore solutions for implementing responsible practices in biomedical research.

Please find here the Lecture from June 21st, 2022:

Presented by: Leonhard Held, Center for Reproducible Science, University of Zurich  

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Dr. Lorena Martinez Gamboa

Project management officer

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