BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics

The BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics is a service-oriented unit which supports BIH research by providing bioinformatics and data analysis expertise, tools and consulting. The BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics collaborates with BIH projects in order to plan, develop and perform bioinformatics and data analysis tasks according to specific project needs. The BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics cooperates with bioinformatics research groups to establish new methods and make them available to all BIH researchers. Based on the results of these projects and cooperation, the BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics provides a growing number of tools, pipelines and websites for data processing and data access.

The BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics is organized into application area oriented teams providing contact persons with domain knowledge for specific BIH research programs. Based on the demand from the BIH projects we are currently focusing on the areas of cancer bioinformatics, regulatory genomics and genetics of rare diseases. The different teams cooperate on methods and tools for high throughput data processing and cooperate closely with the other BIH Core Facilities, especially Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics and High Performance Computing.

If you plan to work with the BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics in a project, we kindly ask you to involve us in the proposal and planning phase whenever possible. We are happy to support you in optimizing your bioinformatics strategy and provide input to experimental design from the data analysis perspective. For further information please contact



Dr. Dieter Beule


Dr. Kajetan Bentele
Dr. Eric Blanc
Dr. Oliver Drechsel
Dr. Manuel Holtgrewe
Dr. Andranik Ivanov
Clemens Messerschmidt
Mikko Nieminen
Verena Pritzl
Oliver Stolpe

Steering committee



Dr. Altuna Akalin: BIMSB, Head of Bioinformatics Platform

Prof. Nils Blüthgen*: Computational Modelling in Medicine, Charité

Prof. Uwe Ohler: Computational Regulatory Genomics

Prof. Hans-Peter Herzel: Theoretical Chronobiology, ITB - Institute of Theoretical Biology (HU and Charité)

Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky: Director BIMSB, Group „Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements“

Prof. Peter Nick Robinson:Computational Biology, Prof. Medical Genomics

* current speaker


Resources and services

To provide its services, the BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics relies on the computing and storage resources provided by the high performance compute resources provided by the BIH Core Facility IT. Based on this infrastructure, we establish a growing number of bioinformatics solutions. Currently, the following resources are already available:

  • We maintain a collection of 40+ NGS data processing tools in different versions together with the corresponding reference data (genomes, pre-computed indices, annotations, databases etc.). For further details, please refer to (BIH internal) or send an E-mail to

  • We maintain an instance of cBioPortal with user authentication and study access authorization (BIH internal). This allows users to interpret their cancer sequencing data and integrate it with existing public data, while limiting access to particular datasets to group members and collaborators. For further information please contact

  • In cooperation with researchers in the BIH funded projects, we have started to establish a growing set of data analysis pipelines and methods. We are looking for collaborations to further apply and improve these methods. For further information please contact us via