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Process stepPeriod
Publication of the International Health-Tech Pilot Program 19/09/2022
Application process Startups: submitting expression of interest (EoI) to IIA 14/11/2022
First phase: Startups and Charité/BIH employees are "matched", (Letter of Intent, LoI by Charité/BIH employees), shortlist of selected startups for second phase is submitted to IIA 22/02/2023
Second phase: Selected startups submit complete, digital application documents to the IIA with the cooperation of the Charité/BIH project partners (English) 21/06/2023
IIA and Charité notify participants about final decision 13/09/2023
Signing of contract and transmission to the IIA as first project milestone Dec 2023
Project launch Jan 2024

Project head

Dr. med. Sein Schmidt
Scientific and Medical Director, Clinical Trial Unit – Clinical Study Center (CSC), BIH, Charité

Contact persons

  • Dr. Hana Hastor

    Medical Advisor

    Clinical Study Center (CSC), Clinical Trial Unit (CTU)

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 643 687
  • Dr. med. Sein Schmidt

    Wissenschaftlicher und Medizinischer Leiter der Clinical Trial Unit des Clinical Study Center (CSC), BIH, Charité